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Auto Parts Knowledge | 2 Type of Car Battery Options

Auto Parts Knowledge | 2 Type of Car Battery Options

Apr 19,2024
2 Type of Car Battery Options

The car battery is more commonly known as aki, derived from the word accu (accumulator), which means to accumulate energy to be absorbed and utilised by the car engine. In the early days of automobile development, this technology did not exist due to the technological limitations of the time. Even to sound the horn, cars were equipped with bells and the headlights were gas-powered. It was not until 1971 that batteries for cars began to see the light of day.

Since then, there have been many different types of battery. Each car manufacturer allowed the car to be powered by a dry or wet battery, depending on the needs of the owner/user of the vehicle. There are also batteries that are considered primary (disposable) and secondary (rechargeable). For those who are familiar with car engines and are automotive enthusiasts, this may be familiar, but for Wuling families who are just starting to get to know automotive, this will be a useful article to help you choose the right battery for your car.

By way of introduction, wet batteries derive their energy from a liquid electrolyte, while dry batteries derive their energy from a paste/gel substance. Both work by immersing the battery cells to keep them going. However, each has its own advantages that the Wuling families need to understand in terms of price range, maintenance and which one suits your driving style.

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Conventional battery

When you first buy a battery, it is dry and has to be filled with electrolyte fluid to soak the cell. Due to its liquid form, this electrolyte fluid is more likely to evaporate under certain conditions, such as high temperatures or the heat of the car engine. Understanding this condition, the motorist must be extra diligent in checking the liquid level in the battery and measuring the upper and lower limits of the electrolyte liquid. If you need a battery for durability and long-term use, a wet battery is the right choice. However, be aware that it requires careful maintenance.


The MF or maintenance free battery is a term now widely used among car enthusiasts to describe dry batteries - because of their nature, they require less maintenance than their predecessor, the conventional sibling, the wet battery. As mentioned above, this type of battery cell also needs to be soaked with some sort of substance to help it charge with energy. Unlike the liquid used for the conventional battery, the substance used for the MF battery is a type of gel.

If you often drive on uneven roads that cause frequent and severe vibrations and shocks, then this MF battery is the right choice, because if the soaking substance is wet/liquid, there is a greater risk of chemical spillage on the road. The life of the MF battery depends on the amount of gel left in it, but generally this type of battery can last between a year and a year and a half, or even two years, without having to be topped up with liquid.

So if your car uses this type of MF battery, you can use it until it is completely used up and thrown away, and then replace it with a new one. It is more expensive in terms of price, but more convenient in terms of the lack of maintenance you have to do compared to conventional (wet) batteries.

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