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Auto Parts Knowledge | The Right Way To Clean And Prevent Dust In Your Car

Auto Parts Knowledge | The Right Way To Clean And Prevent Dust In Your Car

Apr 12,2024
The Right Way To Clean And Prevent Dust In Your Car

Clean your car regularly, not just during the rainy season. In the dry season, the car needs to be washed regularly, even if there is only dust on it.

Dust that sticks to the car in the summer, if not cleaned properly, can make the car body dull. Even if it is not cleaned properly, this dust can cause scratches that ruin the appearance of the car.

In the past, many car owners used a feather duster to remove the dust, but it turns out that this method can cause scratches on the car. This is because there are hard parts on the duster that can scratch the bodywork. Also, a feather duster usually doesn't clean evenly.

To avoid damaging your car's bodywork, read the article below to find out how to properly remove dust from your car without scratching it.

How to remove dust from a car

To avoid unwanted scratches, dust that collects on the surface of the car should not be cleaned carelessly. Here are some ways to remove dust effectively. How to remove dust from a car

Washing the car clean

The first way to clean a dusty car is to wash it gently and slowly. Use clean water and mild car soap.

When washing your car, use circular movements and make sure all parts are clean, including the body, glass and rims. Avoid using a sponge or coarse brush, which can leave scratches on the surface; it is better to use a microfibre cloth.

Spraying with water

Before washing your car, spray it with water under pressure. This will remove dust from the surface and reduce the risk of scratches when using the microfibre cloth.

Drying properly

Drying the car after washing requires attention. Dry the car thoroughly so that no drops of water remain. If water remains after washing the car, it is easy for dust to adhere.

Use clay bars

Besides width, tread pattern will also affect grip and acceleration. For areas that are highly rainy, it’s advisable to use tyre of V pattern. Tyre design and tread pattern really affect traction and braking performances.

Clean regularly

You don't have to wait until your car is dirty to clean it. You can clean it regularly, for example every two weeks when the car is in the garage. However, if the car gets a lot of use, you may need to clean it more often.

How to easily prevent dust from sticking to your car

There are several things you can do to prevent dust from sticking to your car. Some of these methods are quite simple and just require patience.

Use protective wax

Once the car has been cleaned, the next step in cleaning a dusty car is to apply a layer of protective wax to the surface. The wax layer protects the car's paintwork from scratches and other damage. To prevent future dust and dirt, apply the wax in a circular motion and wipe with a clean microfibre cloth.

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