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How to Find Out the Expiration Date of Car Tires?

How to Find Out the Expiration Date of Car Tires?

Feb 23,2024
How to Find Out the Expiration Date of Car Tires?
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The expiry date of car tyres can be determined by various codes printed on the tyre wall. This code is in the form of numbers that generally indicate the week and year.

As a vehicle owner, it is essential to know the expiry date of the tyres you are using in order to minimise accidents caused by using tyres that are no longer suitable. It is also important to know that tyres made of rubber can, over time, wear to the point of becoming bald and even crack due to age.

If performance is not optimal, tyres can easily explode due to overheating and use on long journeys. During long journeys, the air pressure in the tyres can sometimes change. This can be due to high temperatures or leaks.

Car tyre pressure should also be checked regularly. If it drops even a little, the consequences can be serious. However, with increasingly sophisticated technology, there is now a feature called TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System). This can determine the air pressure in the tyres via the MID screen on the dashboard, making it easy to monitor. Not all new cars have this advanced feature.

The Wuling New Almaz RS Pro car has TPMS, which makes it easier for car owners to check tyre pressure and other conditions simply by looking at the display on the car's dashboard screen.

Expiry date of car tyres
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There is generally no expiry date on car tyres. However, tyres that have been used for more than 5 years can usually be said to have expired.

The year of manufacture may indicate when the tyre was made. However, this has no absolute bearing on how many years the tyre will last. This is because a tyre's life is calculated from the time it is first used.

Tyre manufacturers therefore recommend that car tyres should not be used for more than five to six years after their first use. After that, tyres that have not been used and stored properly will not experience quality or strength problems.

Car tyres can be used if stored correctly, as long as the steel cords or tyre walls are not damaged. However, the manufacturer recommends that you stick to the maximum age limit of five years to be on the safe side.

How to Check Expired Car Tires

Finding out the expiration date of car tyres turns out to be very easy. by physically checking the car to see the production date of the tyres you are using.

There is a code that indicates the production date of a tyre. Generally, there are four number codes that can be found on the tyre wall. The two numbers at the front usually indicate the week and the two numbers at the back indicate the year of manufacture.

For example, how can you tell the expiry date of a car tyre by looking at the tyre production code, such as the number 4023?

For example, how can you tell the expiry date of a car tyre by looking at the tyre production code, such as the number 4023?

· The first two digits of the four numbers indicate the week in which the car tyres were produced, namely the forty-first week. In other words, if you count from the beginning of the year, the forty-first week is the first week of October.

· The last two digits indicate the year of production, which means that the tyre was produced in 2023. This means that your car's tyres will expire five years later, in the forty-first week of 2028.

You also need to know the date printed on the surface of the tyre. This is not the expiry date, but the production date of the tyre. Meanwhile, the expiry date itself is based on the first time a car tyre is used and an additional five years of use.

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