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Car Wiper Maintenance

Car Wiper Maintenance

Mar 29,2024
Maintaining Car Wiper

Wiper blades are one of the most important assets in our car that must always be maintained if we want to keep our journeys comfortable. The rubber-based blade has the function of wiping the windscreen of dust, water and dirt that may stick along the journey. This function is used very often and is usually useful on rainy days. However, the challenge comes in the summer when they are more susceptible to drying out, becoming brittle and eventually cracking. 

In the summer or under direct sunlight, rubber materials harden very easily. This time, Wuling would like to give you some important tips on how to look after your windscreen wipers to prevent them from quickly becoming obsolete & damaged.

Wiper blade life 

In general, your wiper blades will last between 6 and 12 months. In addition to the normal life span, damage is very likely to happen over time, some of the indicators of your deteriorating wiper blades are their squeaking sound, leaving a mark on the windscreen when used, chipping off the surface, skipping when moving (not moving smoothly from right to left). 

There are several factors that can damage our wipers, some of which are sunlight and its heat, water without soap solution, sand and dust, chemical and salt content in rainwater, chemicals such as oil from car wax for example. 


Be aware that Wuling Families need to be inspected at least every three months. Check that the surface of the wiper blades is still smooth and flexible. 

Then wipe the surface frequently, for example with a moistened tissue paper when refuelling or shortly after parking the car, to remove any oil or dust that may have adhered to the surface. 

Polish the rubber blades regularly with rubber protection solution. Make sure you use a special rubber solution, not just plain water, so that the rubber surface on the blade can move easily. 

Finally, when parking your car, especially in hot and scorching places, always lift the blade to prevent it from sticking to the glass surface and to allow it to heat up easily. 


Quality check 

When you're ready to replace your wiper blades with new ones, make sure the quality is a priority and not just because they're cheap. Look for silicone-based rubbers that will last longer and will not damage your car's windscreen. Always service your wipers regularly to keep them in top condition.  

So, that's a review of 15 terms commonly used in the automotive world. As a car owner, you must at least understand the terms above to make it easier for you to communicate with mechanics or officers at official car repair shops when carrying out routine maintenance.

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