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Overview of Automobile Headlamp: Rebornor Auto Part Aftermarket Supplies Introduction

Overview of Automobile Headlamp: Rebornor Auto Part Aftermarket Supplies Introduction

Jun 4,2024
Overview of Automobile Headlamp: 

Rebornor Auto Part Aftermarket Supplies Introduction

Car headlamps are lights mounted on the front of the vehicle to illuminate the road ahead. A headlamp is also commonly referred to as a headlamp, but in the most precise usage, a headlamp is a term for the device itself, and a headlamp is a term for the beam of light produced and distributed by the device.

The performance of headlights has been steadily improving throughout the automotive era due to the huge difference in daytime and nighttime traffic deaths: the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that nearly half of traffic-related fatalities occur while traveling in the dark at night, even though only 25 percent of traffic accidents occur in the darkness.

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Photo: Rebornor staff arranging the delivery of genuine headlamp parts.

The headlight assembly of the vehicle includes light bulbs, sockets, lampshades and routes equivalent to one of the lighting equipment, installed on both sides of the head of the vehicle, including the vehicle's low light, high beam, fog lights, turn signals, wide lights, consisting of the vehicle's entire driving lighting system.

1, the vehicle's fog lights and width lights can be used by the owner in the case of low visibility, such as rain and fog weather, open the vehicle's fog lights and width lights, can improve the owner's driving line of sight, but also remind other vehicles to pay attention to the width of the vehicle, so as to avoid scratching with other vehicles, causing unnecessary traffic accidents.

2, the vehicle's near and far light can be used by the owner when driving the vehicle at night, which can illuminate the road section in front of the vehicle, as well as the object in front of the vehicle.

3, the vehicle's turn signal can be used by the owner when driving the vehicle to turn, after opening the turn signal, you can inform other owners of the vehicle's driving dynamics.

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Photo: Rebornor staff checking the headlamp parts in the warehouse.

Automobile headlight assembly replacement method as follows:

1, after opening the hood, in the internal test of the two headlights, there is an iron hook, in the back of the headlight, there is a place to lock the plastic screws of the headlights, turn off the two plastic screws behind the headlights, store it well, and then pull the iron hook outward to the end, the headlights naturally come out;

2, after the headlight is removed, it will be found that the back is dragged by the headlight harness, the headlight harness is fixed through the card, touch the bottom of the joint, you can find the button, press down can exit the harness;

3, after removing the headlight, observe the base of the headlight and its determination method, the fixed guide rail in the middle is used to slide into or slide out of the headlight, the iron hook on the right is the locking device, pull out the headlight, and push it to lock the headlight;

4.After unplugging the wiring harness, the headlights of the car are removed.

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Photo: Overview of Rebornor genuine headlamp products on Alibaba International.

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