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Auto Parts Knowledge | Car parking sensors: Types, functions and maintenance

Auto Parts Knowledge | Car parking sensors: Types, functions and maintenance

Apr 26,2024
Car parking sensors: 

Types, functions and maintenance

To make parking easier for car users, many car manufacturers have started to incorporate a parking sensor function. This technology is very useful in facilitating parking because it warns you if there are objects or other cars behind you.

It is undeniable that the latest cars have been equipped with various advanced technologies and innovations for the sake of safety, comfort and convenience for its users. One example of this is parking sensors, which are becoming increasingly popular with car owners.

So what exactly is in-car parking sensor technology? For a complete overview of what a parking sensor is, what types there are and how they work, read the following article.

Understanding parking sensors

The car parking sensor, also known as a rear view sensor, is an electronic device that is usually installed at the back of the car. This tool is useful for detecting the rear of the car when a car or object is approaching so that it can stop before touching or hitting the object.

In the past, this technology might have been found only in luxury cars. Nowadays, however, almost all modern cars are equipped with parking sensors, usually mounted on the rear bumper of the car.

Parking sensors generally take the form of infrared sensors that use ultrasonic waves. The emitted signal is picked up by the sensor and then relayed to the driver through sound or light on the LCD monitor on the dashboard.

There are currently two types of parking sensors commonly used in cars. The two types are electromagnetic parking sensors and ultrasonic parking sensors.

1. Electromagnetic Parking Sensor

The electromagnetic parking sensor is a type of parking sensor commonly used in the latest cars. This type of parking sensor works by relying on electromagnetic waves that are emitted from the sensor in a blanket-like shape. This sensor detects objects or cars that may be in contact with your car body.

Ultrasonic parking sensor

2. Ultrasonic parking sensor

This type of parking sensor is usually installed on the rear bumper of the car and relies on 4 to 6 sensors. The way this reverse sensor works is by using ultrasonic wave emission, where when it detects a foreign object, the ultrasonic wave is reflected if the object is within the reflection distance of the ultrasonic sensor.

The way these two types of parking sensors work is actually almost the same. The difference lies in the type of waves emitted, namely electromagnetic waves and ultrasonic waves. When the transmission is in R or the car is in reverse, the parking sensor is automatically activated.

Fungsi Parkir Mobil sensor

Parking sensor function

As the name suggests, the parking sensor is used to warn of an object or car approaching from behind the car. This sensor is usually located on the front and rear bumpers of the car.

Another function of this parking sensor technology is to prevent collisions with objects around the car. This sensor gives the driver a signal in the form of a sound that gets louder as the car approaches objects around it.

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