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Car jacks 101: Types and how they work

Car jacks 101: Types and how they work

Jan 26,2024
Car Jacks 101: Types and How It 
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The jack is a piece of automotive equipment used to jack up a car or lift the body. The jack is one of the mandatory equipment that car owners must have.

Jacks are often used to help with car servicing, checking the undercarriage and washing the car. A jack is also a tool that can help you in emergencies, such as when you need to replace a flat tyre with a spare. There are at least several types of jack that you need to know and understand how they work.

Jacks are commonly used to help the car service process, check the car's bottom, and wash the car. Jack is also a tool that can help you in emergencies, such as when you need to replace a flat tire with a spare tire. At least several types of jacks need to be known and understood on how they work.

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1. Bottle jack

The bottle jack is a type of jack that looks like a bottle and is very easy to use.  As the name suggests, this type of jack looks like a bottle. It's very easy to use; all you have to do is move the lever up and down to make the car's hydraulic system work properly.

This jack also has a rather simple and small shape, which makes it really easy to take anywhere. Before using this jack, make sure you have tightened the small valve next to the lever.

Conversely, when you want to lower the jack, turn the lever in the opposite direction until the jack drops to the ground. This type of jack is ideal for private cars.

2. Scissor jack

The scissor jack is the simplest of all jacks. This type of jack does not use a hydraulic system, so the user has to use a lot of force to lift the car.

Although this jack is very exhausting, it is very suitable for private car types. The shape is very small, so it is easy to carry anywhere. It also has a very low price.

Small cars with loads under 2 tonnes are very suitable to use this jack. If you wanted to lift a heavy car, it would be very cumbersome. Of course, if you are forced to, you will have to use a lot of energy.

3.  Crocodile jack

The crocodile jack is a type of jack with a very large size, so it is quite heavy. Owners of this type of jack are very rare in Indonesia. Most of the owners are only authorised car repair shops.

Not only is this jack big, but it also has a high price. The crocodile jack also uses hydraulic technology to lift weights, so it's very safe to use even for large cars.

4. Support jack

The support jack is a type of jack that a garage usually uses to lift the motorcycle. This jack is shaped like a box with a lever on one side. The use of this jack is very easy to carry anywhere.

5. Train jack

The train jack is a type of jack that is widely used for lifting heavy loads. A train jack can lift 20 tonnes of load. Most owners of these jacks are garages.

6. Crocodile bottle jack

This is a combination of the bottle jack and the crocodile jack. This combined jack has a greater lifting capacity. However, the disadvantage is that it has a large size which makes it very difficult to move around. Most of these types of jacks are only available from authorised garages.

That's a complete overview of the types of jacks and how they work. Hopefully the above will be a useful reference for you and your family.

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Reasons Why Car Gas Goes Up and Down on Its own

Reasons why car petrol goes up and down by itself

There are several reasons why a car's fuel level goes up and down. However, in general there are 6 causes that are often found in cars where the gas goes up and down, namely

Dirty throttle body

The platinum gap is too wide

Idle speed control problems

Problems with the air mass sensor

The car's AC Freon is not running smoothly

Damage to the vacuum advance hose

So, these are some explanations regarding the causes of empty car gas and how to deal with it. After listening to the above explanation, you will of course have more or less an idea if you are faced with this situation.

An empty car tank is a very dangerous situation if it occurs while driving on the motorway. Therefore, always keep an eye on the condition of your car and carry out routine maintenance to minimise damage.

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