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Auto Parts Knowledge | Choosing the Right Tyre for Your Car

Auto Parts Knowledge | Choosing the Right Tyre for Your Car

Dec 22,2023
Choosing the Right Tyre for Your Car
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1. Tyre is one of vital car spare parts. The following are some important functions of a tyre:

  • To support weight.
  • To carry on energy from car engine.
  • To proceed with wheel function.
  • Air pressure within a tyre is aimed to support curb weight, luggage and passengers.
  • To carry on motion and braking forces to road surface.
  • To control car’s direction.

You have to be smart when choosing car tyre. Tyre is really related to comfortableness and safety during a drive, therefore you cannot make reckless choice. People are often confused when choosing tyre because of lack of knowledge about tyre.

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Here are five tips that need to be considered when choosing car tyre:

1. Choose tyre based on necessity

  • Considering about necessity in term of car usage is highly important, besides choosing a good tyre. Choosing the perfect tyre without taking into account about necessity and car function will be wasteful.

2. Tyre type

  • The tyre type suitable for your car is usually written in a code on a placard on the driver’s side door jamb or inside the glove box. For instance, the letter P (passenger) means that the tyre is designed for passenger car. And then there are the letters LT (light truck), ST (special trailer), T which means replacement tyre and R (for radial).

3. Tyre size

If you choose and use a tyre that is smaller or bigger than its rim size, the tyre won’t be placed well. Tyre size is usually written in a number following the letter R on the placard.

4. Tyre width

  • The wider the tyre is, the better is the grip, and vice versa. However, wide tyre will affect acceleration.

5. Tyre tread pattern

Besides width, tread pattern will also affect grip and acceleration. For areas that are highly rainy, it’s advisable to use tyre of V pattern. Tyre design and tread pattern really affect traction and braking performances.

5. Tyre depth

Thin tyre surely looks more sophisticated on the road, but this kind of tyre is very bad when it used on damaged roads. Besides, tyre rim will get broken easily.

6. Take notice about production code

Each tyre has a production code written on the outer side of the tyre. The code comprises 5-7 digits. The first three digits are letters, and the rest is a series of number. Look at the numbers. For instance, the code MA1115 means the tyre was produced on the 11th week of 2015 (around end of March 2015). It’s not advisable to buy old tyre because tyre tread has already hardened, which will affect its grip on the road, mainly during braking. This will decrease comfort and affect your safety.

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