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Industry News | The Price Range for Charging Electric Cars in Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (SPKLU)

Industry News | The Price Range for Charging Electric Cars in Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (SPKLU)

Aug 3,2023
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Electric cars are becoming the choice of Indonesian people who care about the environment and think far ahead. However, the main obstacle for electric car owners is the lack of places to charge their car batteries. Therefore, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) built Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (‘Stasiun Pengisian Kendaraan Listrik Umum’ or ‘SPKLU’) in various big cities in Indonesia.

Along with the increasing demand for electric cars, SPKLU is becoming increasingly important as a facility that makes it easier for electric car owners to charge their vehicle's battery. However, many are still wondering about the SPKLU price range for electric cars and their location.

What is SPKLU and itsFunction for Electric Cars?
SPKLU is where electric car owners can charge their car batteries, the latest innovation to increase the use of electric vehicles in Indonesia. The SPKLU functions for electric cars are:
1.Facilitate the use of electric cars because they can charge their batteries in places provided by the government.
2.Save the environment: Electric cars do not emit exhaust gases, thereby helping to save the environment and contributing to the Indonesian government's climate change mitigation efforts.
3.Save costs: The cost of recharging the battery at SPKLU is much cheaper than the cost of fuel for fuel-engined vehicles.
Currently, three types of SPKLU are available in Indonesia:
· Slow charging: battery charging time takes longer than medium and fast charging.
· Medium charging: battery charging time is faster than slow charging, but longer than fast charging.
· Fast charging: the fastest battery charging time compared to other types of SPKLU.
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