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Auto Parts Knowledge | Maintaining Car Battery for Longer Durability

Auto Parts Knowledge | Maintaining Car Battery for Longer Durability

Jul 28,2023
Maintaining Car Battery for Longer Durability
The car battery is one of the car components with a very important role, so it needs to be cared for properly. However, there are still many people who do not know nor understand how to properly care for a car battery.
There are 2 popular types of batteries, namely wet battery and dry battery. In general, both types of car batteries have advantages and disadvantages. At least there are several ways to take care of the car batteries so they are safe and durable.
How To Take Care of a Car Wet Battery
1. Perform Routine Checks
Basically, wet batteries require regular and thorough inspections. You must ensure that the condition of the alkaline battery body is not cracked, so as not to avoid battery water leakage. Not only that, but you also have to make sure that the battery head does not have a white scale.
If you notice a white scale, then you will need to clean it by removing and reattaching it firmly. You should also check the battery cable in case there is peeling that makes the electrical current conduction imperfect.
2. Clean the white crust on the battery head
Wet batteries must have a liquid that will undergo oxidation and leave various white scales on the head of the battery, usually containing sulfuric acid or H2SO4, because it has corrosive properties and can damage other components.
The easiest way to clean the white crust is to pour hot water on the head of the battery. Please remove the battery and lower it from the machine, then clean it slowly. Cleaning can be done using a cloth or soft brush.
3.Check the condition of the battery fluid
In order for the battery to be maintained properly, make sure you monitor the battery water properly. Basically, the liquid in the battery is useful for conducting an electric current, so you need to pay close attention to it.
Battery water will experience a reduction due to the evaporation process when the engine is turned on. The evaporation process will reduce the battery water, so it will not match the standard size. When the battery water decreases, its performance will decrease and be hampered in return.
4.Start the Machine Regularly
To maintain the quality of the car battery, you must start the car engine regularly. You can open the hood and see the condition of the wet battery. If the engine is routinely turned on, then the electric current in the battery will be filled properly, thereby making the quality of the battery well maintained.
If you plan not to use the car for a long time, then you can remove the car battery from the hood. So that the condition of the battery is maintained properly, you can start the car engine at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 10 minutes.
5.Pay attention to the use of electronic devices
In general, the price of a car battery is quite expensive but varied, depending on the type and the brand. To avoid easy damage that can cause you a lot of money, maintenance needs to be done properly.
Make sure you are wise in the use of electronic devices such as air conditioners, audio devices, and others. A very simple tip that you can do is turn off electronic devices when the car engine is about to be turned off.
How To Take Care of Dry Car Battery

1.Check Car Battery Condition

You need to check the car battery properly to ensure good performance condition. Dry batteries will usually have a scale that interferes with the performance and the process of delivering electricity to parts of the car system.
You must regularly clean the corrosion around the terminals so that the battery performance is maintained properly. Corrosion that naturally builds up will weaken the electric current that flows and will make the performance of the car battery unstable.

2.Make sure the car accessories are turned off

You need to know that the car battery will be fully charged when the car engine is running. Make sure you do not turn on the electrical accessories in the car when the car engine is off. You have to turn off the lights, audio devices, air conditioning and everything else.
When the car does not start and electricity consumption continues, the stored electric current will quickly run out and there will be no more power to turn on. In this condition, then you need to push the car to start the engine. If this condition continues for a long time, then after some time the car battery must be immediately replaced.

3.The alternator must be in good condition

In a car battery, you will also find various alternator components. Basically, a good alternator condition will affect the dry battery life so that it becomes long-lasting.
In return, when the condition of the alternator is bad, the battery's ability will be greatly reduced and hampered, so that the battery will drain faster. Make sure you monitor the performance of the alternator regularly to ensure the car battery is well-maintained.

4.Pay attention to the air ventilation on the dry battery

Dry batteries have a very high impact on electrical performance, so you need to add car battery protection accessories to maintain the air temperature in the dry parts of the battery in the car.
Basically, having good ventilation and avoiding extreme temperatures will protect and extend the life of the car battery. This requires you to pay attention to the air vent on the car dry battery.

5.Maintain Electric Circulation

To maintain good electricity circulation, you need to take care of the car battery by turning on the engine regularly. If the car is started every day, it will have a positive impact on the health of the car engine.
If the engine is routinely started, the oil and other engine parts will work optimally. The engine that is running frequently will charge the battery properly and therefore create a long-lasting dry battery life.
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