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Metal sheet technique of Automobile Bonnet: Rebornor Auto Part Aftermarket Supplies Introduction

Metal sheet technique of Automobile Bonnet: Rebornor Auto Part Aftermarket Supplies Introduction

May 8,2024
 Metal sheet technique of Automobile Bonnet:

 Rebornor Auto Part Aftermarket Supplies Introduction

The bonnet is one of the large parts of the car cover, according to the parts classified as the outer cover, which is characterized by the overall structure size is large, the relative thickness is small, the shape is complex, the outline internal with multiple surfaces, its precision, appearance quality and interchangeability requirements are higher, in order to ensure the appearance of the body shape consistency and beauty: The surface is not allowed to have ripples, wrinkles, dents, indentation and other defects, the appearance of the line is clear, flat, curved smooth transition, and the stamping workpiece is also required to have good manufacturability. 

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Photo: Rebornor staff arranging the delivery of the genuine bonnet parts.

Sheet metal operation of bonnet

There are many methods of stamping process, according to the basic process of stamping automobile covering parts, to determine the process of engine cabin cover is: blanking (unwinding and school

Flat)→ Deep one trim one flanging/side flanging.

(1) Open and level

Uncoiling and leveling are completed in one process with cutting and blanking. In order to make the flatness and size of the roll materials provided by the merchants meet the expected requirements, uncoiling and leveling is an inevitable process for the pretreatment of stamping billet. Attention should be paid to not causing any damage to the materials during operation.

(2) Deep drawing

Drawing is a stamping method to make the required shape of the covering piece by using the drawing die after obtaining the flat blank. It is the main process of the production of the covering piece of the automobile body, and it is also the most critical step in the production of the cabin cover of the automobile engine (the outer plate of the engine cover).

(3) Trimming and flanging/side flanging

After the completion of the drawing process to make the workpiece product, it is necessary to further combine the location and use requirements of the covering part, and carry out another processing to improve the accuracy and strength of the stamping part.

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Photo: Rebornor staff checking the Hood sheet metal parts in the warehouse.

Stamping process in the automobile manufacturing has become the key to the breakthrough of automotive development, in recent years, the rapid development of stamping technology, under the participation and drive of high-tech technology, stamping process from the initial manual operation into integrated manufacturing, and then to some special forming technology research and development, stamping production has been in mechanization, automation on the basis of gradually began to realize intelligent, integrated.

In the era of "Internet +", the development of modern technology information and modern management systems has brought about an essential leap in stamping technology manufacturing, and the whole process of product concept development, design, production, sales and after-sales service will be integrated with computer technology to form a computer integrated system production mode, which will bring greater economic benefits to stamping manufacturing. In the future, driven by rapid economic development, the level of automobile manufacturing will reach a new height.

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Photo: Overview of Rebornor hood products on Alibaba International.

In the future, Rebornor staff will continue to focus on automobile aftermarket and expand the scope, continuously improve its service quality, and provide more customers with one-stop automotive spare parts solutions.

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