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The vital role of car relays and how they work

The vital role of car relays and how they work

Apr 5,2024
The vital role of car relays and how they work
car relay system

The relay in a car is an essential electrical component that greatly supports the electrical performance of the vehicle. This relay is an electrical component made up of two parts: the coil and the contacts.

Every car today is fitted with relays to optimise the flow of electrical current. This reduces the resistance in the car's electrical system, making it more efficient. As a result, the car's electrical system can deliver more effectively.

Up to now, relays in cars have performed many important functions. They improve the brightness of the car's lights and contribute to the longevity of the car's vital components, ensuring durability in use.

How car relays work

Before using car relays, it's important to understand how they work to avoid mistakes in selection and application. Relays consist of several terminals, 30, 85, 86 and 87. The current flow in the relay passes through terminals 85 and 86 to the coil.

The coil induces magnetism to attract the coil. The resulting magnetic current flows from terminal 30 to terminal 87. This relay action repeats itself, ensuring an unobstructed flow of electrical current. Adding relays to vehicles improves the smooth flow of electrical current while protecting electromagnetic components from premature damage.

Functions of Car Relays

In general, car relays are used to control and direct electricity. Here's a detailed overview of the functions of car relays:

Car relays extend the life of switches by preventing them from overheating. This protection ensures that combination switches in the car don't heat up quickly. As a result of this relay protection, car light switches won't melt due to excessive heat.

Automotive relays typically require a significant amount of electrical current to function optimally. After the relay is installed, the electrical current flows through the switch. The relay switch is used as a means of generating electrical current.

This current is then directed to the AC compressor, car lights and other electromagnetic components. The function of the relay is to ensure that the switch remains durable and functional for a long period of time.

car relay purpose

Brightening up car lights

Adding relays to cars increases the strength of the electrical current and reduces resistance. This results in brighter car lights as the current is able to flow optimally, providing maximum brightness.

Minimise resistance

Electrical resistance in cars affects the performance of electromagnetic components. Impaired electrical current can result in dimmer car lights. In addition, electrical resistance can cause the car horn to sound weak.

Additional components, such as relays, can be used to minimise electrical resistance. By installing relays, the circuit is shortened to ensure a minimal reduction in electrical current. This optimised electrical current is then efficiently directed to components such as the horn and car lights.

Car locking mechanism

Another function of relays is to act as a locking mechanism in cars. The purpose of this interlock is to secure the electrical current in the vehicle. Relays play a role in automatically connecting and disconnecting electrical power.

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