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Industry News | Sales of wiper blade assemblies produced will continue to rise steadily in 2024

Industry News | Sales of wiper blade assemblies produced will continue to rise steadily in 2024

Jan 12,2024
Sales of wiper blade assemblies 
produced will continue to rise steadily in 2024
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     In the past five years, a long-term growth space of the Chinese auto market has provided continuous growth momentum for the development of the production and sales of wiper assemblies, an important component in the process of car driving, and the sales of wiper assemblies will continue to maintain a growing trend.  

Trend forecast chart

     According to the "2019-2023 China Wiper industry market Prospect Survey and Investment and financing Strategy Research Report" released by the China Business Industry Research Institute, the sales volume of China's wiper assembly in 2023 was 43.7 million sets, an increase of 3.97%. 
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     China Business Industry Research Institute analysis predicts that in 2024, China's wiper assembly sales will expectedly reach 45.34 million sets.
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Data source: QYResearch, China Business Industry Research Institute.

Exhibition related content

According to the statistics of China Business Industry Research Institute, SHB, Bosch and Valco are the main suppliers of wiper blades in China, occupying the vast majority of the market share, and the market share in 2022 is 24.60%, 22.77% and 14.97%, respectively, totaling 62.34%.

With the successful holding of the Automechanika Shanghai 2023, we also see more and more automobile manufacturers and traders participating in the business of wiper assembly and wiper strip accessories in China. 

In Hall 3/4.1/2.2 of the China National Convention and Exhibition Center, REBORNOR's business staff visited more than 50 booths related to auto wipers and fully understood the recent supply situation with exhibitors and business personnel present, harvesting more high performance-to-price ratio third party wiper supply channels.

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In 2024, REBORNOR will continue to focus on the industry dynamics of the automotive aftermarket and provide more high-quality Chinese brand auto spare parts for partners.

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