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Industry News | Car Coatings, Why Your Car Needs It

Industry News | Car Coatings, Why Your Car Needs It

Oct 27,2023
Car Coatings, Why Your Car Needs It
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There are various ways you can take to protect car paint. One of them is by polishing the car so that the look of the paint is similar to that of the new one. Nowadays, when talking about painting, you may often hear the term car “coatings”.
Coating a car is similar to polishing a car and is part of the auto detailing processes. The difference is, ordinary polishing utilizes wax polish for the finishing. On the other hand, car coatings usually use a layer made of ceramic nanotechnology for the finishing touch.

Car care by coating is considered effective to make the paint last longer. This is because the ceramic coating can reduce oxygen in everyday use.

There are, however, a number of other advantages when you coat your car, as you can see in the following descriptions.

Extra Protection from UV Rays

Car Coatings

Ultraviolet light is known as a cause of the rapid fading of car paint. So don’t be surprised if your car’s paint fades quickly if it is often parked under direct sunlight.

The coating layer makes a car look shinier and brand-new. The coating layer can also protect the paint from direct UV rays, hence it does not easily fade or become dull due to oxidized sunlight.

Please note, however, to ensure that the car’s paint is in clean condition before you start the coating process. This needs to be done to avoid scratches.

Easy to Clean

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Car coatings can provide a water repellent effect, resembling water on taro leaves. That means water or dirt that attaches to the car’s body is easier to wipe and clean.

Water and dirt that sticks won’t stick easily to the car’s body if it has a coating layer. Unlike a car without a coating, rainwater attaches to the body and can cause mold if it doesn’t get cleaned immediately or lets dry by itself.

Easy to Clean

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As mentioned earlier, the coating layer can make your car’s exterior look shiny. The coating layer has better quality than the wax used on the regular polish.

Wax endurance time is usually not long, either. The best wax coating may at least be able to survive protecting car paint for three months. Afterward, if the wax coating has worn off, the paint will start fading. Contrary to that, the coating layer can last longer until a matter of years. If you take care of your car very carefully, the car coating can last up to three years.

Not Easily Stretched

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The coating layer can make the car more resistant to scratches because there are layers that can protect the car more. The thicker the coating layer of the car is used, the more resistant it is to scratches.

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