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Industry News | What You Must Prepare For Mudik Trip By Private Car

Industry News | What You Must Prepare For Mudik Trip By Private Car

Sep 6,2023
What You Must Prepare For Mudik Trip By Private Car

Going for a trip by private car for Idul Fitri homecoming exodus, or commonly called mudik, has become the choice of many Indonesian families.

The main considerations are because it is an economical choice, not limited by public transportation timing and schedule, and you can rest or even stop by at various places during the trip. 

Despite massive traffic jams that sometimes require people to take mudik trip for days on the road, they still have strong intention to go for mudik trip by private cars.

1.Motor oil and spare parts
Motor oil or engine lubricant is the most important thing that needs your special attention. Before you go for a mudik trip, make sure that motor oil for your car is still in good condition.
If the oil is almost expired, it is advisable for you to replace the oil.Aside from oil matter, you can ask an auto mechanic to check on other spare parts that usually have to be routinely replaced every several thousands of kilometers. 
Make sure that engine cooling fan, spark plug and oil filter still can be used. Don’t forget to check on lamps as well.
2. The emergence of large automobile parts dealers
Comprehensive auto parts dealers will grow. The supply of automotive components is an important part of the post maintenance market, and its scale can solve problems such as uneven product quality and opaque costs that currently exist in the Chinese post maintenance market. At the same time, large-scale comprehensive distributors can improve circulation efficiency and reduce circulation costs to provide spare parts for quick repair stores.
Business coverage and cost control are key issues faced by comprehensive automotive parts dealers in their operations. Whether to assist chain stores in solving the problems of high procurement costs and low efficiency they face will become the key to the success of large dealers.
Automobile comfortableness highly depends on tire condition. Make sure that your car tires are not flat, bald or have any bump on its surface. Also check on air pressure in the tires. If the car carries full passengers, add more pressure according to auto mechanic’s suggestion or as instructed in car owner’s manual.Even when you are already sure that your car tires are still good, it will not be a mistake to ask auto repair shop to do spooring and balancing. 
It may cost extra charge, but your car is guaranteed to be more comfortable. Don’t forget to check on spare tire too. Make sure that its tire pressure is perfect and that the tire is ready to be used in case there’s something wrong with main tires.
4. Brake and car Suspension
Brake and car suspension are usually two parts rarely checked during an overall check before mudik trip. However, the two components are actually very important, not only for the sake of comfortableness, but also for safety especially in a long drive. Replacing brake pads with the new ones is not always necessary. It’s enough to just clean them up, and make sure that they have proper thickness. As for car suspension, when your car starts to produce noises every time it passes through awful roads, that’s a sign that there’s a problem with that component. If there’s no sound or noise, just check whether your car suspension might have a loose part. Don’t forget to check on gear oil and car transmission fluid as well.
5. Water
Check on water condition in car radiator. If necessary, drain the radiator and put in new water. You can add radiator fluid too for more maximum performance if needed. Also check on your car’s windshield washer fluid so that it gushes smoothly when rain pours down. If you see that your wiper blade rubber has worn out, do not hesitate to replace it. Good wiper blades will give you clear vision when it gets rain. You can see more clearly as you are driving.
6. Car kits and equipment

When your car is ready to be used, it’s time for you to prepare for car kits and equipments. Make sure you bring complete tool kits and all necessary equipments to replace tire and put them in your car trunk. Don’t forget to take first aid kits and safety triangle too. Lastly, check on the expiration date of your driver’s license (SIM) and Vehicle Registration Number (STNK), just in case they must be renewed.
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